7 Mystical Powers Full Coven Spell Charm

7 Mystical Powers Full Coven Spell Charm
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Moonstar7spirits is proud to present this powerful spell cast treasure!



This beautiful charmwas triple cast with 7 of our most powerful spells! Cast by all 13 members of my coven.


1. Wealth-For Weath and money drawing. Wear for gambling or whenever you need an extra $$$$ BOOST!
2. Success-For job interviews, court hearings or any situation where success is important!
3. Happiness- Great when you are feeling down or depressed. Instantly dispels negativity and makes you feel happy and energized. When you are happy, you can accomplish much more!
4. Love attraction- Makes you appear sexy and desirable! Very powerful spells also increase sexual excitement and enjoyment
5. Protection-This spell puts a protective aura around you which no harm toward you can penetrate. Great to ward of hexes and spells!
6. Psychic abilities-Psychic enhancement. Works to enhance your natural "gifts" to advanced levels. Opens your 3rd eye and stimulates your Chakras!
7. Connection with spiritual realm-Gain a strong connection with the spiritual realm. Can be used to talk to those who have passed or to communicate more effectively with the all spirit forms, such as Djinn, Devatas, Dragons, etc.
The powers will never fade! This is a wonderful item to pass on to future generations!
Moonstar7spirits is a seller you can trust for the strongest, most potent spells in the World!

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