Haunted ring Djinn of Past Present and future

Haunted ring Djinn of Past Present and future
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This is a very Powerful and rare djinn. Choose Personal alignment to have the djinn aligned to your specific energies or choose direct binding to have the djinn bound to your aura. This option means that you do not have to wear the ring. The djinn will be with you whether you have the ring on or not.


On the banks of the river the old man sits in a trance. No one knows how long he has sat in this position. Eyes closed, legs crossed. Completely ignoring the events going on around him. At times he is in complete silence and other times he chants and hums. Everyone knows that he is at the threshold of something very important. The old man is none other than Mahindred Shamasee! Master Genie conjurer! The only living human able to summon the most POWERFUL GENIES from the unseen realms existing beyond our own! Mahindred Shamasee walks to a different beat than most people do. All that meet this powerful man, know instantly that they have met someone special. When speaking to this man, he may stop in mid conversation to meditate. He senses things that ordinary people can not. He is respectful to the spirits that communicate with him constantly, giving them his full attention when needed. His wrinkled skin tells a story of many days gone by. But his eyes shine with a presence and wisdom that I have never experienced before meeting this remarkable man. You can rest assure, that any item you recieve from Mahindred Shamasee is extremely powerful and rare. Each Genie that he conjures is one of a kind. Each has their own history, personality and strengths. One thing they share in common is their willingness to SERVE THEIR MASTER! They can serve only one Master......will it be YOU?

Bound willingly to this ring is a mighty djinn that is very unusual and EXTREMELY POWERFUL!!! This Genie is actually 3 entities in one! This is the Genie of PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE!
This Genie can heal past wounds and clear baggage relating to PAST MISTAKES.
This Genie can help you to make the best decisons during the PRESENT to help you succeed in any venture you undertake.
This Genie can secure a FUTURE of wealth, prosperity and total happiness for you!
PLUS SO MUCH MORE! He is very easy to bond with and will grant unlimited wishes, provide protection and guide you toward a life of euphoric bliss!

This Genie has 3 spirits. These can work individually or as one EXTREMELY POWERFUL UNIT!

The ring that houses this remarkable GENIE is extraordinary!! It has a rare rhodochrosite stone as the focal point.  It is flanked on both sides by natural rubies.  The ring is solid 925 sterling silver.  Size 7.  This ring is blazing with electrical energy! The stone is ever changing due to the emense energy contained!

Complete instructions and your Genie's name will be sent to your email address. Don't worry, these are not hard to follow instructions. All of the hard work has been done by Mahindred Shamasee!

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