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It is my honor to present a new class of Djinn!
They are from the furthest regions of the Genie realms and extremely hard to reach.
Only a conjurer of ELITE skills can reach and communicate wth Djinn of this level and of this POWER!
These top level Djinn were summoned and bound willingly by MASTER CONJURER MAHINDRED SHAMASEE!
The Iron Djinn are mentioned in the Qu'ran as being the most powerful beings in the Universe!
The Iron Djinn are different!
They are a direct extension of your will. As soon as you form a thought regarding something you need or want, the Iron Djinn is already working on it.
These are the easiest Djinn to bond with. They are extremely intelligent and connect and align with your energies from the moment you touch their ring or pendant.
The Iron Djinn are pure white light entities that consider their guardian (YOU) the center of their Universe! They will pamper and spoil you with everything you desire.
The Iron Djinn are the Warriors of the spiritual realm. They command an Army of lower level entities that can be used to assist you. They provide protection by defeating negative forces long before they get near you.
This Djinn is a powerful Male who is approximately 2300 years old. He is gentle and kind and ready to make all of your dreams reality.
He has already spoken for his guardian.
You will instinctively know if you have been chosen, as you will not be able to get this ring out of your mind.
The Iron Djinn items have a VIBRATION and DEPTH unlike any other item in the World. They glow with amazing powers and energy!
The Iron Djinn Ring is breathtakingly beautiful!! It is expertly crafted of Solid sterling silver with a mezmerizing white cat eye stone. Size: 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12. Please put your size in comments.

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