Moonstar7spirits 6 magick spell cast potion set

Moonstar7spirits 6 magick spell cast potion set
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Product Description

We are happy to present a new line of take anywhere potions!

They smell AMAZING and what they will do for you is MIRACULOUS!

You will receive the full set of potions. Each come in a spray bottle as shown. These are extra potent and a little goes a long way.

You can spray these potions anywhere you need a little magick or wear as a perfume.

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You will receive the set of 6: Each potion is created using natural blends and cast during appropriate moon phases by our full coven. They are powerful on their own, but you can also combine them for extra strength!

1. Moon Light Sonata- A scrumptious blend of euphoric herbs that awaken the primal senses. This potion is best used when you want to attract someone's attention or gain their approval. Great to wear to job interviews or anywhere you want to imprint your energies forever on their mind.

2. Kiss me- A delicate blend of herbs that mingle with your energies to create your very own one of a kind pheromone. Others will be attracted to your ultra sexy aura and want to be near you. Use sparingly, this is very powerful!

3. Mystic Gold- Mysterious and rare herbs make up this potion that draws money from all sources. Wear to the casino or anytime you want to attract money. This potion can also be sprayed on bills, your wallet or your home to draw in money.

4. Star Gate Fantasy- The ultimate blend of ingredients and spells to assist you in astral travel and dream interpretation. Wear to bed at night for amazing out of body experiences that will lead to new opportunities.

5. Hero- This intoxicating blend is for those times in your life when you need immediate help with a certain situation or quick answers. Think of it as a spiritual hero coming to your aid.

6. Holy Hyssop- Ancient blend of herbs and spells that put an aura of protection around you. This potion also amplifies all of your magickals and spells by removing all blocks.