Psychokinesis Ring Manipulate thoughts and matter with your mind!

Psychokinesis Ring Manipulate thoughts and matter with your mind!
Item# psychokinesis-ring-manipulate-thoughts-and-matter-with-your-mind
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Product Description

Psychokinesis, is a technique of mind over matter through invisible means. Examples of PK are movements of objects, bending of metals, and determining the outcome of events.

The term psychokinesis is derived from the Greek words psyche meaning "breath," "life," or "soul," and kinein meaning "to move." The occurrences of PK have been recorded since ancient times. The occurrences include levitation, miraculous healings, luminosities, apports, and other physical phenomena.

Magick spells, curses, and rituals to control the weather or the thoughts and actions of others involve Psychokinesis.

The beautiful ring you are viewing will produce accelerated levels of Psychokinesis brain function in the wearer!

This item has been carefully tested and works! Simply wear it, and you will begin to see a vast difference in your life! The more you wear it, the better it gets! The results are unlimited!

Change the outcome of future events simply BY WILLING THEM TO CHANGE! Tap into the divine knowledge utilized by our ancestors! Imagine the POWER you will possess immediately!!

The ways psychokinesis will improve your life: Gain control over physical matter. Influence the thoughts of others. Will things to change in your favor.

You will use this in every area of your life!!

Don't miss your opportunity to own This unique and POWERFUL item!

Holding with my usual quality items, this ring is stunning! It is made of sterling silver with a sparkling clear crystal in the center.