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Carpathian Vampires: By far the most mystical and powerful Vampires in existance. With superior magickal abilites, these vampires excel at mind control and influence of others thoughts and actions.

Imagine what it would be like to have this kind of POWER! The power to attract those you find desirable and repel those who you do not. The power to obtain items simply by willing them to yourself? Imagine having a magnetic personality that makes people wonder just what it is that you have? Imagine being able to influence the thoughts of everyone around you.

With this kind of power, you would be able to have everything you desire.....


Introducing Vampire POWER EARRINGS! Spell cast by a top Carpathian Vampire! Using ancient secret methods of the undead, these earrings will transform your very existence!

How do the earrings work????

Well, it is actually pretty complicated, but in essence they suck energy from other people and distribute it to you! The "borrowed" energy is used to fuel a series of powerful spells that will super charge every area of your life!

This is as close to becoming a Vampire as you can get without actually being one!

Q: Will this drain the people I am around?

A: No. The vampire earrings take a tiny bit of energy from others which is not noticed and is quickly replenished.

Q: What kind of results can I expect?

A: Right away: Instant energy!!! Weight loss, decreased appetite and quicker thinking. As you wear the earrings you will notice that people are attracted to you. You will notice that you are able to control their thoughts and actions. The more you wear the earrings, the stronger they get and the more results you will see!

The possibilities are endless!!

I have limited supplies so please do not put off your purchase!

The earrings are beautiful! Clear high quality clear crystal with pure solid sterling posts. These are brand new spell cast earrings. They have never been worn by anyone else.