xtreme power Solomon Hessa Hibah djinn of DESTINY OMNIPOTENT powers of

xtreme power Solomon Hessa Hibah djinn of DESTINY OMNIPOTENT powers of
Item# xtreme-power-solomon-hessa-hibah-djinn-of-destiny-omnipotent-powers-of
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Product Description

Ring Vessel: Stainless steel ring with magickal symbols and a tiny red ruby. Beautiful well made ring with spectacular electrical energies present in only high level magickals.

Introducing the Hessa Hibah Djinn. These are recent conjures of Master Mahindred Shamasee. These are Elite djinn of amazing magickal powers. Hessa means "Destiny" and Hibah means "Gift"

These djinn are agressive wish grantors who secure a lifetime of pure pleasures for their keepers. Their energies are positive and powerful, removing all negativity and blocks that may be keeping you from moving forward.

The Hessa Hibah Djinn are ancient masters of magick, utilizing the keys of Solomon to obtain the deepest desires of your heart. This ring reads your energies and translates your desires to all spirits. They understand and obey.

When you wear, all spirits will bow to your command. Owning this ring communicates to the spiritual realm that you are a Master Sorcerer, one to be respected and revered.

Your aura will radiate confidence, charisma and charm to all of those around you. You will soon begin to see the effects of owning a powerful top level djinn as your life begins to change for the positive. Wealth will flow into your hands easily and favor will follow your decisions.

Moonstar7spirits wants you to prosper. We are known Worldwide for our life changing magickals. If you haven't tried us, the time is now. These djinn will not last. Buy now to have your choice of ring size.