2021 New Year Spell Cast Conjunction Empowerment bracelet

2021 New Year Spell Cast Conjunction Empowerment bracelet
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If you want to start the New Year on a positive note, our 2021 EMPOWERMENT bracelet is for you!

Bracelet is made of polished natural stone beads (Crystal, agate, obsidian and jade) depicting the 5 elements. It is a stretchy bracelet that fits most wrist sizes.


We cast these lovely bracelets with some of our most beloved life changing spells.

This took place on the Evening of December 21 during the biggest astrological event of our life time!

This is when the rare alignmentbetween Saturn and Jupiter took place. This event was called "The Grand Conjunction".

This important event created a higher energy frequency which will impact humanity forever.


Thismiraculous event will recharge and revitalize the spiritual heart of the planet and all inhabitants.

In essence we captured this rare energy and stored it within these beautiful bracelets.

Combined with our spells, you will wonder how you ever did without this before.


The spells on this bracelet are:

Verum Tuae Sui - Your true self. This spell enables you to emerge and become the person you were meant to be. It removes obstacles and people that are keeping you from living your best life.

Prudentem Et Sanam - Wise and healthy. Through wisdom comes a healthy mind, heart and soul. This spell opens the chapters of life's book of knowledge and enlightens you with the secrets of the most successful people on Earth.

Opulentos- Wealth beyond your wildest dreams. This spellopens the cash vaults of the Universe and allows you VIP admittance. You will not want for anything as this spell transforms lack into over abundance.

Angeli Praesidium- Angelic protection. We summoned and bound protective Angels to watch over you as you go about your busy days and restful nights. They will also guide and lead you to beneficial opportunities.

Et Amor Beatitudinem- Love and happiness. This spell is essential and important for all of humanity. Everyone wants true love and blissful happiness. Allow this powerful spell to surround your life with an aura of positive attraction of the right people and the right situations to free you from stress.


We have a limited number of bracelets available. Please do not delay your purchase.

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