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Djinn Treasures Bracelet watch 2 genies included
Djinn Treasures Bracelet watch 2 genies included
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A Moonstar7spirits exclusive! Handcrafted Vampire treasures watch recharging bracelet!


Each charm and bead on this bracelet watch was triple cast for potency during the correct moon phases!

The beads and charms alone are a 350.00 value not including the watch!

You Will recieve 2 Djinn of the Nile with this purchase! These are bound to solid crystal faceted beads in an assortment of colors! Please note: Yours may not be of the colors that are shown here. These are the SAME DJINN that are sold in my shop for 70.00 each! 140.00 value on these 2 beads ALONE! The Jewels of the Nile are known to be the most BEAUTIFUL and capable wish GRANTING djinn in the Universe! They have amazing supernatural powers and beauty that will make your heart skip a beat! Summoned from the highest levels of the Djinn Kingdoms by Master conjurer Mahindred Shamasee! Each Jewel of the Nile Genie has her own unique appearance and her own mannerisms.These are true Harem Djinn! Sweet, Sexy, Alluring and eager to please! They are used to pampering and spoiling their masters with every luxury possible!

You will receive 2 djinn/spirit offering amplifying and bonding beads. These are the white enamel beads that you see on this listing. These make bonding with your djinn and other spirits much easier. It acts as an offering and amplifies energies of all of your spells and removes blocks for closer communication.

You will receive 4 Kaleidescope of wealth beads! Black beads with rainbow colors. This spell is exclusive to Moonstar7spirits. This spell incorporates the ever changing frequency of energies. This bead resonates with all of the colors to bring you wealth from all sources near you. Since life is not static, situations are always changing. This spell adapts to you and draws forth blessings in an ever changing dynamic way. It was spell cast over a series of full moons and is buzzing with power.

You will receive 2 True destiny Beads. These are bright blue with golden glitter (gorgous!) These were cast with our spell to knock down walls, remove barriers and put you on the road to your perfect destiny.

You will get 2 of our hearts desire spell cast charms. Beautiful filigree hearts with loose blue beads inside (stunning!). These beautiful charms have old druid spells only known to us, that draw forth the desires of your heart quickly. The druids call it "essence" and what this means for you is that your positive desires manifest into physical. These are potent charms on their own, but you are getting 2 of them! Wow!

You are also getting a recharging bracelet watch. The ends of the bracelet screw off so you can remove the beads if you wish. You can wear the beads on your own bracelets or chains if you desire. You may even want to share some of them with others! You can also add your own choice of spell beads to the bracelet watch. It will keep them fully charged and working at better than original powers!