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Evil Eye Protection Amulet FREE with 50.00 purchase
Evil Eye Protection Amulet FREE with 50.00 purchase
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What is a Devata?

Devatas are servants of mankind.  They are kind and Angelic in nature and have specialized magickal powers.

This is the Devata of Healing and she will turn all negativity into positive.  

She heals body, mind and soul

If you have had any kind of turmoil or trauma, this would be perfect for you.

Bad relationships

Addiction of any kind

Financial Issues

Lack of anything

Un healthy thoughts

Illness or diseases

Chronic Pain

Trouble Sleeping


Anything that is contrary to you having a healthy and happy life here on Earth. 

The Devata of Healing will help you to see the Good around you and lead you toward True enlightenment.

We are, by nature, endowed with qualities of absolute goodness—purest love, compassion, wisdom, and tranquility. Those radiant qualities are intrinsic to our being. A moment of enlightenment is a moment in which we newly notice such “blessings” as having been all around us, and within us, from the beginning. Whenever we are ready to notice, we can sense their healing, liberating energy pouring forth right here, right now.

Allow the Beautiful Devata to change your life today.  She is willing and able to do so quickly and completely.  You will never look back as your life takes on new meaning and a quality that you never knew existed.  





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