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HALLOWEEN COLLECTION Echos of the Past GHOST necklace

HALLOWEEN COLLECTION Echos of the Past GHOST necklace
Item# halloween-collection-echos-of-the-past-ghost-necklace
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Greetings and Happy Halloween!

I have saved some of my most cherished "HAUNTED" PIECES FOR THIS TIME OF YEAR.

This mesmerizingNECKLACE is very special and extremely powerful.

It is sterling silver with large and very beautiful LABRADORITE STONES.

It is called "Echos Ofthe Past". 


Echos of the past,whispers of a time gone by and a time yet to come.

This vintage necklace is host to a female human spirit named Coraline.

She died of pneumonia in 1949. She was only 14 years old.

Coralinewas a funny girl who loved to make her family laugh. She was especially fond of her youngerBrother Benjamin. Their favorite thing to do was to swing on a rope swing hung from a big oak tree overlooking a beautiful Valley in Oregon. They would swing and sing or chant rhymes and laugh as their words echoed back to them. The land that belonged to Coraline's's family was purchased by a close friend of Birdie, a Native American named Thunder Eagle. The sound of Coraline and Ben's words wereoften heard in the distance. One night, 4 months after her death a ritual was done to channel her spirit. HerMother strongly felt that she wasn't at rest. Thunder Eagle realized that Coralinewas sad because she felt she did not live her life fully. She asked to be bound to a physical item in order to remain in this realm long enough to assist 3 people. She was originally bound to an old ring that was falling apart. She assisted 2 people while attached to the ring. She was transferred to this lovely necklace and has to assist one more person to fulfill her spiritual commitment. She is very positive and works as a guide to assist you. You do not have to wear in order to receive her guidance. She is a very positive spirit who I feel is searching for a certain someone this Halloween season. If you are drawn to her, please do not hesitate. She may not be available the next time you look. 


We call this our "Halloween Collection". It is filled with Ghosts, goblins and items that are rather odd in nature.

Enjoy and if one of these items calls to you, please remember it is one of a kind and may not last long.


This is a special article. It is to be used for good. All spirits must be respected. By purchasing, you are agreeing to these terms.

Law requirement states that readings, spells, and paranormal objects are for entertainment purposes only and that I cannot take any responsibility for any activity that may or may not occur in association with this item. Blessed Be!!!!


Paypal or money order only. Payment due within 5 days of auction end.


I will ship your item promptly upon receipt of payment.

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