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Haunted Chariot of the Gods Celestial Host djinn Astral
Haunted Chariot of the Gods Celestial Host djinn Astral
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MysticalDJINN of astral projection and WEALTH~CHARIOT OF THE GODS!

Pendant: Beautiful brooch with black jade face and sterling silver.

This is a one of a kind. It comes from Mahindred Shamasee and is host to a male djinn known as the Celestial Host. This djinn is the master of Astral travel, a gift he will bestow upon you. He often manifests as a glowing, beautiful golden man riding in a chariot. He is the symbol of Wealth and elegance which will be brought to you in ways that are unexpected and powerful.


Note the crescent moon on top of his head and the sun displayed on his hood .The moon symbolizes Immortality and the sunsymbolizespower and supremacy, both symbols of the upper levels of the sorcerer's Illuminati.

This djinn has knowledge of all mysteries and magick dating back to the beginning of time. He commands all spirits. His abilities are unmatched. This djinn belonged to TOP sorcerers of the Illuminati.

When you receive thisamulet you will be introduced to the rites of passage. This is the threshold that separates the physical from the spiritual. This djinn will grant you full access to the sacred knowledge known only by the most influential in history.

You will gain vast powers through the works of this amazing top level spirit. You will gain valuable knowledge that will lead to riches and fortunes that you can only begin to imagine.

Be prepared to be taken on a wild journey as this djinn is a master of astral travel and will reveal to you the secrets known by few.

A powerful djinn of physical manifestations, out of body experiences and explosive results.

This djinn enjoys offerings of earrings. That is why he has loops on his ears. When you offer him a pair of earrings, it must be done without expectations and only with a giving heart. This djinn will reward you richly when an offering is made unto him. I will include a pair of earrings with this purchase that will serve as your first offering. Instructions on how to make the offering will be included in instructions that will be emailed to you.

Please do not delay. This one will not last.

Instructions will be emailed to you.

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