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Haunted Crystal Ball Oracle of Delphi top level Magick
Haunted Crystal Ball Oracle of Delphi top level Magick
Item# haunted-crystal-ball-oracle-of-delphi-top-level-magick
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Goddess ThemisOracle of Delphi Crystal Ball

Goddess Themis is known as the Divine Seer.
Her ability to see into the future enabled her to become one of the Oracles of Delphi.
The oracle of Delphi is the most famousoraclein Greece, and the location of a temple of Apollo; At theoracle, a priestess went into a trance, supposedly breathed vapors from a cleft in the rocks, and delivered messages from Apollo to persons who sought her advice.
You will have direct access to this magickal oracle through this crystal ball.
You will experience millions of God level spirits at your fingertips!
You will realize tremendous miracles and blessings immediately.
These spirits govern the most sacred Magickal wisdom EVER known.
your life will transform quickly as you get what you want.
They are in control of all elements, moving mountains if needed to grant your will.

Touching the crystal ball will send an electrical charge through your body. This is your way of knowing that it is "reading" your energies. By doing this, the crystal ball is able to diagnose your thoughts, feelings, emotions and health issues. It then summons the correct spirits or activates the perfect spells for your needs or desires.

This Crystal Ball is linked to the Oracle of Delphi. This is the realm of the highest ranking spirits in the Universe. These are Spirit Gods who manifest your desires automatically. 
This crystal ball is blazing with power! Youmay hear sounds coming from it and levitation of nearby objects. This is due to the immense level of energy within.
Please see the EMF reading on this item! It quickly registered over a 10!!
The manifestations of this one item are many. I have noticed beautiful colors inside thatare much likethe Aurora Borealis! The spirits are very active and ready to make a connection and grant your every wish and desire!!
This item is for anyone. You do not have to have advanced psychic abilities in order to use.
The crystal ball measures approximately 5 inches. It is made of pure crystal quartz and is of the best quality. It comes with thebeautiful stand you see pictured with 3 statues of Goddess Themis holding scales.
You may search the World over, but you will never find and article this powerful.

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