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Haunted Occult Amulet IlluminatI Order of the DRAGON
Haunted Occult Amulet IlluminatI Order of the DRAGON
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The orderof the Dragon is series of highly secretive Illuminati codes that when activated, brings miracles to the bearer of this amulet.


 This article comes from Our ELITE COLLECTION

Items from this collection are the highest form of magick attainable in the World.

Owning a piece of this magnitude is life changing.

Owning this talisman aligns your energies with powerful magickal frequencies known only to the most prestigious Illuminati sect.

You will gain rare powers through this article. You will receive telepathic messages that will lead to amazing discoveries. You will be in touch with the cosmos as your energies are elevated to Universal levels. This talisman activates your3rd eye chakra, facilitating inter-dimensional communication and travel. It will increase the flow of chi throughout your body and meridian system. You will note an increased energy flow to the auric field, which will provide a shield of protection from negative energies.
Be prepared for amazing positive changes to follow your purchase of this piece.
Also brings amazing gifts such as:
Fencing & Protection from Evil Spirits
Rejects Misfortune
Gives you a powerful Charismatic Presence
Can Heal Possessed Individuals from Demonic Spirits
Destroys Enemies and Weakens their magical PowersRemoves Magical Spells, Curses and Attacks against you and your family.
Wearing or holding this amulet gifts you with GOD LEVEL powers.
Your words come alive and manifest with ease.
You will never look back.
This is your BEGINNING!
Vessel: Vintageamulet with a 3d dragon on a pentagram. Made of sterling silver, excellent quality. This will be sent with a recharging chain.

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