Haunted one of a kind Genie lamp with magick coins

Haunted one of a kind Genie lamp with magick coins
Item# haunted-one-of-a-kind-genie-lamp-with-magick-coins
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It is my honor to present this prestigious djinn lamp, a metaphysical masterpiece from the collection of top conjurer

Mahindred Shamasee.

This is a tiny Djinn lamp made of brass measuring only 4" tall. It is the perfect size to keep discreetly out of sight.


The lamp is unique and beautiful featuringa collar of old magickal coins each said to bring tremendous wealth and luxury to the next owner

It has a powerful Female Marid djinn attached to it and 7 ancient spells from the Grandfather of Mahindred Shamasee, Hudansaad Shamasee.

You will feel the unearthly energy of this brass lamp the moment it reaches you. Be prepared for a wild ride, because your life will never be the same.

This female marid djinn is from Mr. Shamasee's personal collection. She is a believer djinn with the highest ranking of magickal powers available.

This djinn is an unlimited wish granting Djinn. Unlike other djinn, she can straddle and open gates to other dimensions, unleashing a multitude of powerful positive spirits to surround you with blessings for all your days on Earth.

Those of you who have followed Moonstar7spirits since 2006, know that only the most powerful djinn are bound to lamps. Their connection is so strong that an item of substance must be used for their binding. "Binding" is a term which means that the djinn is connected to a physical item. This djinn was bound willingly and is here to serve.

Touching thislamp will immediately connect you with the spiritual realm. Your Marid djinn awaits your commands. Her answer is always the same.

"It is done".


The 7 spells that are on this old lamp will also benefit you and every person in your home.

The 7 spells are:

1. Caelo et in Terra- Which translates as heaven on earth. Hudansaad Shamasee was a firm believer that we should have a wonderful life on earth. This spell surrounds you with energies that create a beautiful existence for you and your family.
2. In Flamma Ignis- Which translates to flames of fire. Each of us has a fire within our soul. For most of us, this flame is very small or unlit. This results in going through life without actually living. This spell will ignite your flame. You will become alive on all levels, noticing things you never have before.
3. Iuste Quod Iustum Est- Which translates to fair and just. This spell reminds us to always be fair and do the right things, thus preventing negative karmic energies. It also encourages others to treat us the same.
4. Benigne Reversus Est- Which translates to kindly returned. This spell blesses the bearer greatly. When you do something kind for someone else, you will be rewarded richly for this act by many times.

5. Circumdata solis imago- Which translates to surrounded by light. You will be surrounded by benevolent spirits that will provide protection and draw forth rare miracles.

6. Indulgens debitum- Which translates to forgiving debt. This refers to karmic debt. This spell will allow you to release past karmic from all past lives debt so that you can move forward in this life.
7. Cor misereatur- Which translates to gracious heart. This spell teaches you to be thankful. When we send these energies outward, they will be returned tenfold by others giving unto you.

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