Highest Magick Eternal Flame ring 2 of 2

Highest Magick Eternal Flame ring 2 of 2
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Introducing A New Collection Of Magickals

There are some things that simply cannot be Explained. They are here on Earth to help us to broaden our minds and open us to the possibilities that exist beyond our visual scope.

Owning one of these articles is a privilege and honor.

Please do not consider if paranormal activity scares you.

This Article is Called the ETERNAL FLAME. 2 of 2 rings.

This is an Egyptian relic with the rarest magick known. The Egyptians were able to create magickal stone lamps that would continue to burn in tombs for thousands of years without fuel. They believed their dead needed light to guide them on their journey , so before a tomb was sealed the custom was to place an eternal burning lamp inside. The Eternal flame is a portal into an alternate Universe. A Universe of God and Goddesses with divine knowledge of the World and beyond. It is unfortunate that so many of these lamps were destroyed by vandals and looters who feared theirsupernatural powers. This ring was created from one of the original stone lamps. I have 2 of these rings in my possession right now. They hold the eternal flame which can never be extinguished. The eternal flame is spiritual in nature rather than physical. It holds great powers that the next keeper of these cherished relics will inherit. You will feel the unique energies of the ancient stone and you will see visions and hear voices. Some of these voices will be in foreign tongues that you may not comprehend. Do not fear. This ring will bring you tremendous miracles and powers beyond your wildest dreams.


There are no limitations as to what you can accomplish with this article.

Ring:ancient. Unmarked metals with a strange multi hued orange red stone. Size 7.


This is a rare ONE OF A KIND! Do not miss your opportunity to own it if it calls to you.


I do not know how thisarticle will benefit you. I only know that it will. It is here due to unexplained circumstances and I truly feel that it will change many lives.




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