Treasures of Ebony Manor Witch Estate "Rite of the Raven"

Treasures of Ebony Manor Witch Estate "Rite of the Raven"
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"Rite of the Raven"


This mesmerizing pendant is from The Ebony Manor Estate collection!


Item you are purchasing: Beautiful vintage sterling heart shaped pendant with a 12k gold Raven in the center. This item comes with a chain.



This is a lovely item to wear proudly as it has a rich and wonderful history and some lovely secrets too!

Allow this ring to inspire and empower you on your journey toward true enlightenment.


This bewitchinglocket is from a collection of jewelry owned and loved by Witch "Birdie".


She calls this item "RITE OF THE RAVEN"

The Raven spells will ignite the energyof magick within you!Your will and intentions will become one as the Ravenleads the way into the dark corners of inner conflicts that are buried deep within You. The Raven activates your deepest powers of manifestation. Great changes will be achieved and your dreams will quickly become reality.

This is an intensive ritual that comes from an old book of shadows owned by My Grandmother. The Raven ritual is a guarded secret known only by my coven. The Raven is the keeper of secrets between heaven and earth, spiritual and physical. The Raven ritual helps with your most difficult situations that hold you back from the life you were intended to have. You feel the pull of the Raven if you have experienced hardship, failed relationships or heartache. Allow this ritual to set you free as you leave the past behind and emerge into your fresh new life.

Expect tremendous changes in all areas of your life following this ritual.

  • introspection
  • courage
  • self-knowledge
  • magic
  • healing
  • creation
  • rebirth and renewal
  • rebirth without fear
  • being able to tear down and rebuild
  • master magician
  • shape shifting thoughts into reality
  • mysticism
  • transformation of difficulties into blessings
  • being able to find light within the darkness
  • Courage for self-reflection
  • Being comfortable with yourself
  • Honoring your ancestors
  • Divination
  • Change in consciousness
  • New occurrences
  • Power of thoughts



This is a one of a kind item.



This is a special article. It is to be used for good. All spirits must be respected. By purchasing, you are agreeing to these terms.

Birdie is a 84 year old Witch. She resides in Ebony Manor which was built by her Grandfather Walter many, many years ago.

Birdie acquired her "gift" from her Grandmother Rosie, who was regarded as one of the top Witches in all of New England. Rosie came to America from Germany when she was 16 years old. There she met Walter the Son of a wealthy Doctor. They soon married and moved to Ebony Manor where Walter began rebuilding the family home for his lovely wife. Rosie and Walter had twin Sons and one daughter named Emily. The 2 boys died in infancy leaving Emily an only child. Emily learned the ways of a witch from her Mother, but was never a very good student. When Emily grew up and had a daughter, Rosie immediately knew this child was different. She had the Gift! The Child was named Roberta Rose, but everyone called her Birdie, because she took special care of injured birds. She had a unique healing touch and it was no time until the birds flew from her gentle hands.

Birdie was a very good student and learned quickly from her Grandmother. Her knowledge of withcraft is extensive. Her priceless treasures are legendary throughout the World.

Birdie has aquired a vast collection of beautiful jewelry pieces. She is ready to pass some of them on the the right people.


You will know if this item is meant for you.


Please feel free to ask questions about this item!


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