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Witch Broom Amulet Free with 100.00 purchase
Witch Broom Amulet Free with 100.00 purchase
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The Witches Broom or besom has long been used in magick rituals.

The handle is round to represent the branch of a tree. This associates the broom with the tree of life.

In ancient times it was hung just inside the dwelling to ward off evil spirits and to protect all who dwell within.

We have spell cast this beautiful broom talisman and are giving to you as a free gift with any 100.00 purchase.

We feel that this item will be very beneficial to you and your family.

We treated the trees that we gathered materials from with respect by asking permission before cutting twigs and leaving an offering.

We cast spells during 3 full moon cycles, so they are brimming with positive energies.


Sweep away Negative energy.

Bring forth Blessings

Bring forth Money and wealth

Bestow our home with Favor from the Goddess

Remove evil spirits and keep them away

Protect our dreams

Prevent gossip against us

Bring forth people who will benefit our purpose

Surround our home with love and light

Strengthen relationships or foster new ones that are positive


The broom is very small. Measuring about 3 inches tall. It is adorned with a pentagram and a Moonstone crystal.

The pentagram is a five-pointed star, with all lines the same length and all angles the sameprotects against evil spirits.

The Moonstone crystal brings calm and balance to your home or work space.


To Use: Hang inside your home, car or work space.









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