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2022 Halloween Collection Ebony Manor Witch Gate of the Gods

2022 Halloween Collection Ebony Manor Witch Gate of the Gods
Item# 2022-halloween-collection-ebony-manor-witch-gate-of-the-2022
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This STUNNING ring is from The Ebony Manor Estate collection!


It is blazing with ENERGY! This ring is very unique! It is made of 925 sterling silver and has rows of blue topaz stones. Ring size 7.


Please check my feedback and guestbook. Everyone has always been extremely pleased with the items I sell. This ring is of the same high quality that I have been offering since 2006.


This is a lovely item to own proudly as it has a rich and wonderful history and some lovely secrets too!


This bewitching ring is from a collection of jewelry owned and loved by Witch "Birdie".


She calls this ring "In foribus portarum Deorum" Which means the Gates of the Gods.

The 4 stones represent separate doorways or parallel universes, each governed by a powerful God.

1. God of North- Kubera

2. God of South - Yama

3. God of East- Indra

4. God of West- Veruna

Each God reigns over thousands of positive spirits which will work to enhance your life in all ways possible.

This is a highly active portal. You will see manifestations of lights, orbs and feel electrical impulses. You can see one such manifestation on one of the pictures on this listing. If you look closely you can make out a face.

As you wear the ring, you will enter into the sacred gates of the Gods and gain tremendous wisdom related to our World and the Worlds beyond. The magickal powers of this ring are unlimited.

Use to heal yourself and others.

Lights appear and lead you to treasure or rare opportunities.

Money will flow from all sources around you.

Life will have new meaning as you discover why you are here and what your true mission is.

This is a one of a kind article. If you are drawn to it, do not delay. It may not be here when you look again.


Birdie is a 84 year old Witch. She resides in Ebony Manor which was built by her Grandfather Walter many, many years ago.

Birdie acquired her "gift" from her Grandmother Rosie, who was regarded as one of the top Witches in all of New England. Rosie came to America from Germany when she was 16 years old. There she met Walter the Son of a wealthy Doctor. They soon married and moved to Ebony Manor where Walter began rebuilding the family home for his lovely wife. Rosie and Walter had twin Sons and one daughter named Emily. The 2 boys died in infancy leaving Emily an only child. Emily learned the ways of a witch from her Mother, but was never a very good student. When Emily grew up and had a daughter, Rosie immediately knew this child was different. She had the Gift! The Child was named Roberta Rose, but everyone called her Birdie, because she took special care of injured birds. She had a unique healing touch and it was no time until the birds flew from her gentle hands.

Birdie was a very good student and learned quickly from her Grandmother. Her knowledge of witch craft is extensive. Her priceless treasures are legendary throughout the World.

Birdie has acquired a vast collection of beautiful jewelry pieces. She is ready to pass some of them on the the right people.


You will know if this item is meant for you.


Please feel free to ask questions about this item!



Law requirement states that readings, spells, and paranormal objects are for entertainment purposes only and that I cannot take any responsibility for any activity that may or may not occur in association with this item. Blessed Be!!!!


Paypal or money order only. Payment due within 5 days of auction end.


I will ship your item promptly upon receipt of payment.

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