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7 lucky Gods and Goddesses wishing bracelet

7 lucky Gods and Goddesses wishing bracelet
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7 lucky Wealth God/Goddesses wishing bracelet


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This bracelet has 7 rings to represent the 7 lucky wealth Gods/Goddesses that are attached. If you are looking for an item to provide powerful FAST WEALTH and miracle LUCK, this is your day! I only have a few of these available.

In addition, it is also a wishing bracelets. You may make 7 wishes a day. Simply touch one of the rings on the bracelet, close your eyes and make a wish. Your request is immediately retrieved by the 7 lucky wealth Gods/Goddesses and taken to the spiritual realm for quick manifestation.

The 7 lucky wealth Gods/Goddesses are:


 Ebisu: He is the god of prosperity and wealth in business, and of plenitude and abundance of all material things.

Daikokuten: He is theis the god of commerce and prosperity. He is also known as the demon Hunter. Keeping dark entities away from you.

Bishamonten:He is the god of fortune in war and battles, also associated with authority and dignity. He is the protector of those who follow the rules and behave appropriately.

Benzaiten: She is the Goddess of financial fortune, talent, beauty and music. She is the one that Celebrities use to get noticed.

Jurōjin: Heis the god of longevity. He keeps you rich forever. He has the book of all knowledge which he will use to assist you.

Hotei:He is the god of fortune, guardian of children andpopularity. His energy will help you to make new friends easily and keep them.

Kichijōten: She is the Goddess ofbeauty, happiness, and fertility. She is not only for the fertility of humans but to help your wealth grow.




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