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A Harem of 5 SEXY DJINN genies bound to one ring

A Harem of 5 SEXY DJINN genies bound to one ring
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Bound willingly to this beautiful ring is a HAREM OF 5 BEAUTIFUL DJINN!

They are ready and willing to grant YOUR EVERY WISH! They are not shy and do not need coaxing or conjuring to summon them! Simply speak their names and they are ready and willing to serve only you! When you say their names for the first time, it activates a POWERFUL SPELL that will make them fall deeply in love with you and desire to serve only you!

The personalities of these 5 Genies is very warm and sexually charged, they are a bit naughty and love to fulfill your sexual desires and fantasies. They are from the class Tiria, which spawned Genies of the most DESIRABLE kind!!!! Genies of this class are very limited and sought after! They are capable of providing protection, guidance, and above all WEALTH beyond your wildest dreams! These Genies are the ones owned by Kings. They were the most expensive of all the Djinn, but well worth it because they SHOWER their masters in adornments of VAST WORLDLY PLEASURES!!

These GORGEOUS SHAPELY Genies will be loyal lifetime servants.
These lovely Genies are from the Royal Phylum and are ready to grant UNLIMITED WISHES! Like humans, each have their own unique personalities and appearances.

Will YOU be the next lucky master of of these Genies?? They await your every desire and command. They can be easily summoned and are not shy or evasive.
The powerful invocation spell has already summoned and bound this gorgeous harem of Genies,YOU will hold the power to activate the spell that will awaken them to a lifetime of loyal servitude FOR YOU!

Djinn often choose their masters. If you are the chosen one for this lovely Harem of Genies, you will not be able to get them out of your mind! Do not hesitate to purchase tomorrow may be too late!
The ring does not have to be worn to experience all that these gorgeous Genies have to offer!
The ring that that these lovely genies are bound to is mesmerizing! It is solid sterling 925 with glistening diamonds.
You do not have to wear the ring to experience the vast powers and blessings of these djinn!


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