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ANGELIC Astral Travel Potion

ANGELIC Astral Travel Potion
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YOU WILL RECEIVE ONE SMALL 1 DRAM DROPPER VIAL OF POTION. Instructions will be emailed to you.


Potions have been used for centuries.

A potion is a topical spell that is applied to your skin or as directed. As you wear the potion, your energies mix with the spells and bring forth the results that are intended.Potions are created for many different purposes. They have long been a common practice of alchemy andare associated with witchcraft.

Our coven is known World wide for our powerful Magick potions and powders. We use only the finest ingredients and spells that are known only to us.

Our potions bring fast and lasting results.



Angelic Astral Travel Potion

Get in a comfortable position. Either lying down or sitting comfortably. make sure you are warm and that you are not going to be interrupted during this time.

Put one drop of potion on your finger and use it to draw a cross on your fore head. This signifies to the Angels and guides that you wish to have them assist you on your Astral travel.

Decide where you would like to go, or ask the Angels to direct your travel.

Allow your breathing to relax and your mind to clear. Trust the Angels. They will not allow anything negative to occur during this time.

Visualize holding the hand of your Angel and allowing him or her to pull you from your physical body. Feel your self floating. Allow your self to follow the Angel to explore the Astral realms. When you are ready to go back to your body, simply do so.

You will come back to your body fully refreshed. You may have knowledge that you learned on your travels. Write it down as it will benefit you in some way.

There is no limit as to how often you can astral travel. It is relaxing and rewarding!




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