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Angelic Miracle Money Tree of Blessings

Angelic Miracle Money Tree of Blessings
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We are honored to present

The Angelic Money Tree


The Angelic Money tree is a portal of Angels who continually come and go. Each time they enter, they bring blessings and when they leave, they take away negativity. Your home will take on a fresh new positive energy from the moment you remove your tree from the package. Per thelaw of attraction, positive energy draws positive results.

This beautiful Golden Money draws miraculous blessings to your home around the clock. It never stops giving and it never runs out of blessings.

Just place it in a central location and you will see money flowing inquickly. You will also notice that the people in your home will have a more positive attitude. Less arguing, less stress and more time to appreciate the beauty of life.


Stopping to view this listingwasnot an accident. The Angels heard your prayers and have responded.

Feel the warmth, love and security of the Angels as they protect your home and provide a constant flow of wealth. Every member who dwells within the walls of the Angelic Money tree will be richly blessed.

Touch the dangling Angel wings and coin charms for an extra boost of good luck and blessings.


We always sell out of these when they are offered, so please do not delay.

We only have a few to offer this year.

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