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Angelic Portal Crystal Cross and Angel Charm

Angelic Portal Crystal Cross and Angel Charm
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It is my honor to present to you this beautiful crystal Angel Portal and Pendant!

Crystal Cross Angel Portal- Measurements:5" tall by 3" wide.

It comes with beautiful Angel charm like the one shown.

The Beautiful Angelic Crystal Cross was created by Master conjurer Mahindred Shamasee. It is a portal of pure and positive Angelic energies. When you set this beautiful cross in your home, you will begin to notice positive changes immediately! Unbound Angels will be able to enter and exit your home through the open portal of this item! No negative energies are allowed through the sacred gates.

Positive opportunities and prosperity will follow your purchase of this beautiful item. Angels will continually less your finances, health and relationships.

You will also receive a beautifulangel charm to wear. This allows you to take Angels with you everywhere you go! It is a mini traveling Angel Portal. It will keep you safe and protected and draw positive people and situations to you. To recharge it, simply place it near the base ofthe Angelic crystal cross at night.

Angels bring tremendous blessings to your life. They are eager to share their celestial gifts with you!

Angels will you with any problem you face. They quickly help with any problem you face and rejoice with each victory that you receive.

Your person to person relationships will take on more meaning as others will be drawn to the Angelic presence that you will emit when you are wearing or carrying thecharm

You will experience miracles and events in your life that will let you know that the Angels are constantly by your side.

These items will continue to bless your life forever!

I will send instructions on how to activate the Crystal Cross andcharm via email.

This is the perfect unique and powerful gift to give to anyone!

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