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Angels of the Healing Ray and 7 ancient spells

Angels of the Healing Ray and 7 ancient spells
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Elite Collection
Angels of the Healing Ray
7 Ancient Spells From Hudansaad Shamasee

Beautiful vintage sterling silver Angel wings pendant I will send a recharging chain with this pendant.

This spectacular item was created by top conjurer Mahindred Shamasee. It is an Angelic portal to the Angels of the 5th ray or healing ray which are under direction of Archangel Raphael.

This is the perfect item for you if you are in need of healing. The Angels of the healing ray resonate with the color green. They bring new life to everything they touch and heal deeply.

They are perfect for

Distance healing.

Healing body, mind and soul.

Healing relationships.

Healing past traumas.

Bringing new opportunities for wealth.

Dispelling dark energies.


Mahindred Shamasee enhanced this pendantby also adding 7 spells from his Grandfather Hudansaad Shamasee's book of shadows.


1. Profunda Copia- Which translates as profound abundance. This will be bestowed upon every level of your life. Where there is need, it will be filled with abundance coming only from purely positive sources.

2. In Luce Perfusi- Which translates as bathed in light. This spell draws forth protection from Angels who will surround you with light. Keeping away all negativity and ensuring that you have a happy life.

3. Tranquilla unda- Which translates as calm stream. This spell balances all energies around you which serves to help you make better decisions and avoid turmoil.

4. Divina Virtute- Which translates as divine power. This spell will draw forth your sacred powers that may currently be dormant. These are powers handed down from your ancestors.

5. Creationem of Navitas- Which translates as creation of energy. Hudansaad Shamasee had the unique ability to see, feel and manipulate energies. This spell will assist you in manipulating energies to manifest your desires.

6. Liberum Arbitrium- Which translates as freedom to choose. Hudansaad Shamasee, being a light worker believed solely in free will. This spell will block any dark spells or intent that may serve to alter your free will. This spell also negates energies of those who wish to control you.

7.Globos Ignis-Which translates as ball of fire. This is a very powerful spell. Point the wand while speaking these latin words to create a spiritual ball of fire that can be used to open a path or to get resolution to difficult matters.

8. Caelo et in Terra- Which translates as heaven on earth. Hudansaad Shamasee was a firm believer that we should have a wonderful life on earth. This spell surrounds you with energies that create a beautiful existence for you and your family.

9. In Flamma Ignis- Which translates to flames of fire. Each of us has a fire within our soul. For most of us, this flame is very small or unlit. This results in going through life without actually living. This spell will ignite your flame. You will become alive on all levels experiencing life to the fullest.

10. Patentibus Oculis- Which translates to open eyes- This spell will enable you to see everything more clearly. You will see the truth behind people's words and understand things that you have been blind to.

11. Amare verum-Which translates to true love. This spell ensures that you will find your true love during this life time to experience the deepest connection possible.

There is a short ritual to activate the Angel portal which will activate all spells. This ringreads and directs energies. Very easy to use and extremely powerful.


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