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Aura Cleansing Earrings

Aura Cleansing Earrings
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Quality 925 sterling silver posts with clear crystal stones.


These beautiful earrings were triple cast with my most effective spell TO CLEAN YOUR AURA AND KEEP IT CLEAN!

Q: Why is my aura dirty?

A: Your aura accumulates negativity on a daily basis. This is due to stress, negative events in your life and not so nice thoughts about you from other people.

Q: Why is it important to keep my aura clean?

A: It is important to keep your aura clean for several reasons. If your aura is clouded with negative energy, you will begin to see negative events in your life. This can manifest in many ways. Failed relationships, lack of money and opportunities, depression and illness.

Keeping your Aura Clean helps you to feel positive, energized and happy! You will attract positive people and positive events in your life. Things move along much easier and without hardship and trauma if your aura is free of negativity!

Earrings are a perfect way to wear a spell! They are comfortable and extremely effective. When you wear both earrings you get a double whammy of aura cleansing spell power!

The aura cleanse earrings are of excellent quality with clear crystal stones set in 925 sterling silver posts. Sorry, no returns on earrings.