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BE A VAMPIRE transformation ring of rare powers

BE A VAMPIRE transformation ring of rare powers
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"Living Vampire"

Moving swiftly through the darknessmaking not a sound. A look or a glance from their direction, your heart begins to pound.

A line from a book of shadows from 1687.) Author unknown. 


The powers of a Vampire are unmistakable.

We come in contact with Vampires often. They look like us, but you sense there is more.... MUCH MORE.

Have you ever encountered a stranger whom you cannot take your eyes off of? Even after your brief meeting, their image seems to be implanted in your brain. You wonder why this person's aura was so magnetic.


You havebeen in contact with a LIVING VAMPIRE.

What is a Living Vampire?

It is a person who has had a powerful Vampire ritual such as this one done on them.

A living Vampire does not resemble the blood thirsty types portrayed in movies.

Living Vampires absorb cast off energies. These energies energize and enhance every aspect of the human body.

Making you stronger.

More persuasive

Having Hypnotic Eyes

Advanced Mind control

Seductive Energies

Increased senses (eyesight, smell and taste)

Advanced Cognitive abilities

Advanced Psychic Abilities

Your Aura commands respect and exudes raw power

If you practice magick, your rituals will be powerful and yield results quickly.


If you have ever known a Living vampire you will notice a few things about him or her. They are most likely very rich. Living Vampires radiate wealth and money comes to them easily. They are somewhat mysterious, you don't know much about their life, but they seem to have a tremendous following of people who want to be in their company. Many celebrities are living vampires. This very ritual is used on those who wish to control their destinies. It is in high demand and thus the reason we rarely offer it. It is intensive work and requires several different people to perform it. A blood ceremony is performed at the end which indoctrinates YOU as a living vampire. Following this ritual you will see your life begin to change. No, it will not happen over night. But the subtle changes you see will continue to grow and build. You will look back on the moment that you read this listing as the BEGINNING.

You will be merged with the oldest line of Vampires known to exist. When you pass from this Earth, your immortal soul will pick up where it left off making you a powerful force for all eternity.

Ring: Stainless steel with black stone. I have sizes 7,8,9, 11 and 12 available while supplies last. Please let me know your size when you check out.


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