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Blood moon personal pheromone potion ATTRACTION spell

Blood moon personal pheromone potion ATTRACTION spell
Item# blood-moon-personal-pheromone-potion-attraction-spell
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Product Description

Moonstar7spirits is excited to bring you PERSONAL PHEROMONE POTION!

Using your Name and date of birth, we will personalize this POWERFUL scented potion JUST FOR YOU!

Please note: This potion is formulated with the buyer's information to produce a one of a kind personal pheromone scent. It is normal for the person wearing not to be attracted to the scent or to find as appealing as some perfumes, as it is meant to attract others who will find your scent intoxicating. You are not purchasing a product to attract yourself, so please keep this in mind.

Your personal pheromone potion will arrive with a gorgeous crystal bottle like the one you see here. Styles of the bottles differ slightly, but all are spectacular!

We created and charged the potion during the FULL BLOOD MOON that took place on April 15, 2014. We only have a small batch so it is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE! We will add your personal ENERGIES to our base potion and that is where the MAGICK BUBBLES as it takes on a completely ALL YOURS, UNIQUE POWER!

This potion will KNOCK your SOCKS off with rare spells that were carefully incorporated into our secret formula!

Be Prepared to be captivating sought after and ENVIED! Strangers may stop you to ask what you are wearing...... it will be your SECRET!

Since this potion is all about YOU, you will see amazing things occuring each time you wear it.

Radiant beauty that will be noticed by ALL! Magnetic personality that will make others want to get closer! Sex appeal that is sure to make HEADS TURN your WAY! Wealth and money will come from unexpected POSITIVE places. Higher self image.

If you are the quiet type that does NOT LIKE the attention of others... THIS POTION MAY NOT BE FOR YOU!

This potion is for those WHO like to be in the MIDDLE of it all. With all eyes watching what you do and wishing they could have even 1/2 of the charm, beauty, allure and charisma that you radiate!