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Blue Fairy Ring of Beauty and Happiness

Blue Fairy Ring of Beauty and Happiness
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Blue Fairy Ring


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I present to you the Blue Fairy.

A rare and positive spirit summoned and bound to these gorgeous rings by Master Conjurer Mahindred Shamasee.

The rings are sterling silver withmystic topaz stones. They come in all sizes while supplies last. Each ring has a different fairy attached. Instructions including the name of your fairy will besentto you.

Please specify your size when you check out.



Blue Fairies have many gifts:

Shapeshifting:Fairies can disguise themselves as beautiful humans. A fairy's true form can have variety's of forms they can be beautiful flower faeries todryads who are the souls of trees

Healing:Fairies have the ability to cure broken or withered plants; wounds, broken bones, low vitality, and even diseases and restore the emotions and spirits of others.

Photokinesis:Fairies have the ability to project and control light and nature. Fairies are the only species shown to possess this power. A Fae with this ability can channel nature through their body and project it in a concentrated and powerful blast of light which seems to manifest as kinetic force, conclusively throwing or repelling objects a considerable distance. Most fairies use this ability to attack an enemy. They can even turn the energy into an explosive ball that they can throw at their enemies, somewhat like a grenade.

Superhuman Durability:Fairies can take far more trauma than humans can without much discomfort or injury.

Supernatural Knowlege:Fairies are much older and wiser than humans and even other supernatural creatures like vampires, werewolves, and shape shifters.

Telepathy:Fairies have the ability to read each others' minds and can read other peoples' minds as well.

Dream Infiltration:They areknownto be able to enter peoples dreams and converse with that person

Longevity:Fairies can live much longer than most other creatures, but they are not immortal, implying that they eventually face natural death. They can, however, be injured or drained of their blood to the point of their deaths. Upon dying, a fairy returns to their original appearance and their corpse dissolves into glittering dust.


Why own a Fairy?

Fairies are gentle spirits who are aggressively protective over their keepers. They keep you healthy and looking youthful. They love things that are sparkly and will surround you with material things of pure beauty. They help you to see the good in everything and everyone around you. They urge you to forgive and thus are constantly enhancing your moods, keeping depression at bay. Wearing the Blue fairy ring will put a skip in your step and a smile on your face!

Law requirement states that readings, spells, and paranormal objects are for entertainment purposes only and that I cannot take any responsibility for any activity that may or may not occur in association with this item. Blessed Be!!!!

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