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2023 Prosperity Blessing Christmas Tree Charm Haunted Spell Cast

2023 Prosperity Blessing Christmas Tree Charm Haunted Spell Cast
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A treesymbolizes the Self. Trees have cradled humanity from birth to death and are now part of many holiday traditions. Christmas trees are generally Fir, Pine, or Spruce trees. Evergreen trees most often symbolize immortality and eternal life.
This year, we have created a special article for our beloved Customers.
We honor each of you and wish you a prosperous 2024
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There are 9 spells on these charms. Each spell starts with the first letters of Christmas
CHERISH: This spell remindsyou to cherish your family and friends. Strengthening the bonds with people that mean the most.
HAPPINESS: This spell rids depressive thoughts and brings forth a light energy to make you feel happy and joyful.
RADIANT: This spell turns back the aging clock and makes you look and feel like a million bucks.
ILLUMINATION: This spell illuminates and guides your way toward abundance, money and unexpected windfalls.
SECURITY: This spell provides calm and peace as you are protected around the clock by ministering Angels.
TENACIOUS: This spell gives you motivation to do the things in life that will be most rewarding. It reminds you to never give up.
MAGICK: Everyone can use a bit of mystery and magick in their life. This spell surrounds you with positive energies that are constantly blessing you and bringing forth amazing opportunities.
ABUNDANCE: This spell makes your pot runneth over with more than enough of everything. This allows you to share your wealth with others which in turn will bless you even more.
SPARKLE:This spell helps you to shine like the star atop the Christmas tree. It gives you an extra glow that will get you noticed and admired.

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