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Item# cleansing-and-recharging-chain-for-your-magickals
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Product Description

Your Spelled and Spirit Bound items are at WAR!

Your precious items are waging a fierce battle against the constant forces of negative energy.

If left unattended, they can become misaligned. For Spelled items, this means less effective results for you! For Spirit bound items, this means a weaker connection between you and your spirit!

Q: How do my items attract negativity?

A: Your spelled and spirit bound items attract negativity simply by being worn around others who may be having a bad day or by entering a space that has had negative energy contained within, such as some one feeling depressed or having an argument. Negative energies tend to "hang around" and attach themselves to spelled or spiritual items as these items have high energy frequencies which naturally attract all energies.

You love your Spelled and Spirit bound items and want the best for them...right? In addition, you want your items to work at full potential at all times! That is why you purchased them in the first place!

This beautiful solid sterling silver chain will do so much for you, you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

It will cleanse and purify your Spelled and Spirit bound jewelry. You can put many pendants or rings or spelled pandora beads on one chain. They will be recharged separately, but still maintain their original, unique powers. In many cases, their powers will actually increase! It also puts a protective aura around your items to keep them negativity free, even when they are not on the recharging chain!!

I personally triple cast these beautiful chains myself, during 3 full moon phases. They are the most effective you can get! They will never lose their powers, nor do they need recharging of their own.

You can choose from an 18 inch, 20 inch or 24 inch Recharging chain. Please send me a message or put your size selection in paypal comments section.

These are the finest italian snake chains with a lobster claw closure. They are silky smooth, impressive looking chains that glimmer in every light!

Limited Quanties exist due to the time involved in creating these.