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Cross My Heart powerful Love binding spell cast ring

Cross My Heart powerful Love binding spell cast ring
Item# cross-my-heart-powerful-love-binding-spell-cast-ring
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Product Description

Ring: Gorgeous 925 sterling ring with a dazzling clear crystal heart stone that is crossed by sparkling crystals. Simply spectacular in terms of design and meaning. This would make an amazing promise ring!

Moonstar7spirits is honored to bring you this beautiful ring, triple spell cast during appropriate moon phases.

This magickal ring inspires true love and devotion and encourages honesty. The cross my heart symbolizes a promise between hearts to honor your love.

"Cross my heart" is an old symbol used to emphasize the truthfulness and sincerity of what one is saying, and sometimes reinforced by making a sign of the cross over one's chest.

Moonstar7spirits has captured the essence of this symbol by empowering this ring with the following energies:

Loyalty Truthfulness Longevity True Love Devotion

This ring is perfect for those of you who are interested in securing a relationship based on true feelings or to solidify a current relationship.