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Devata of Divine Healing and life renewal

Devata of Divine Healing and life renewal
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Ring vessel: Captivating white topaz and emeralds set in sterling silver.
A Devata is an Angelic Spirit with the divine capabilities to transform your life.
If you have experienced disappointments, losses, sickness or failed relationships and are ready for a fresh new beginning a devata is the perfect spirit for you.

Devatas have their own special gifts or powers in which they graciously bestow upon their guardians. The Devata of healing and renewal brings fresh energies to every situation.

This Devata has the amazing power to transform all negativity into POSITIVE!

She will turn all negative life events into positive outcomes!
She will turn illness into vibrant health.
The devata is a loving and nurturing spirit that will draw forth your strengths.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to own this beautiful Devata!
Devatas connect with your energies immediately. There is no long bonding process involved. You will see positive changes within hours of your purchase.
This Deveata is gracious and GENEROUS. She is warm and loving and will meet your every need and desire very quickly.

You do not have to have advanced abilities to connect with this Devata. She is eager to make a connection and work with you immediately.

Devatas love to manifest in the physical realm often. You will see her as a dazzling, sparkling orb!

Devata items have a presence and glow unlike anything else!~

Instructions and the name of your Devata will be sent to you via email.


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