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Direct Binding Vampire Bible the First Vampire Master

Direct Binding Vampire Bible the First Vampire Master
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From the Scriptures of Delhi which is known as the bible of the Vampire, comes a sacred binding of the rarest kind.

Codes are hidden within the pages of The Scriptures of Delhi. Through a series of visions, dreams and premonitions that came to me over a period of 7 years, I am the only living human to have access to these codes. In essence, your aura will be coded with these sacred powers during a 3 day ritual.

You will be connected to the first Vampire to ever Grace the Earth and will inherit his unique supernatural powers.

The first Vampire's name was Ambrogio, a hardcore ALPHA VAMPIRE. He was an Italian-born adventurer who was cursed by God Apollo to forever be a creature of the night. Having sympathy on the young man, Goddess Artemis gave himthe speed and strength to become a ferocious hunter. The hunger for bloodwas also included in thegifts of Artemis. Ambrogio used the blood of his victims as ink to write love poems to his lady Selene. Blood being the life source of all living things, holds tremendous and unique powers.

Ambrogio, a master of shape shifting can take on any form. His powers are more potent than that of any other Vampire as he is from where all others originate.

Having a binding of this magnitude is rare and carries with it rare abilities which you will inherit as you are merged with the powerful soul and essence of this magnificent vampire race.

Each person to receive this coding will be affected in unique ways, according to your own bloodline. The powers of your ancestors will be united with the supernatural essence of the first vampire. This is like adding gas to a fire as it ignites your most primitive, hidden gifts.

Shape shifting

Mind control

Manipulation of physical matter


Astral Travel

Time Travel


Attraction of people and Assets


The powers you gain from this binding are solid. Your emotional, physical, sexual and psychic abilities will be demonstrated on an intimate level which will leave you no doubt as to the powers this binding hold.

I will need your name and date of birth please.





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No item will be shipped to you. This is a direct binding or spell cast.

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