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You will receive the beautiful crystal rose and the sterling silver rose ring with djinn attached.

Djinn Genie of Beautiful New Beginnings &quot;The Rose&quot;
Djinn Genie of Beautiful New Beginnings "The Rose"
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From out of a brier of thorns, the rose blooms. It's beauty far surpasses any other flower. The delicate scent is intoxicating.

The rose is much like life.

If you have RECENTLY had many more thorns than Roses....


These djinn communicated with me through a vivid dream.

I was walking through a tangled bramble of roses trying to make my way to the spectacular light on the other side. Everything was a dim shade of gray except the roses! They were all so bright and beautiful and their fragrance was so lovely.

The thorns tore at my clothing and skin and it was very difficult to move forward, but the shimmering light kept me focused. I knew that something wonderful lie just on the other side of the briar.

As I neared the light, I saw the largest most spectacular red rose standing alone. The glow from within was intense and so beautiful that it was hard to look directly at.

The message was very profound. These Djinn can change your life very quickly! No matter what you have faced up until this point, you will never look back once you embark upon this journey of true enlightenment with this beautiful Djinn.

This is a special class of djinn. When I shared my dream with Mahindred Shamasee, he knew which class of djinn I was referring to. He communicated and attached these djinn to beautiful rings that come with a crystal rose.

This Djinn has a special message for you!

Beloved, Please allow me to serve you. I am here willingly and I am ready and able to make a lasting change in your life. I can turn those thorns into things of beauty!

I am a loyal servant. I will love you for the rest of your life.

Please accept this crystal rose as my first gift of love. There will be many, many gifts to follow!

This is a male djinn. He is kind, loving and attentive. His powers are great and his influence will be felt immediately when you bring him into your home. You do not have to have prior experience to benefit from the powers of this Djinn. He is for the beginner or those who are advanced in the art of Magick.

His ring vessel will comes with this beautiful Crystal Rose! It has been spell cast for protection, wealth, peace and good luck. Please place it in your home for tremendous blessings for anyone who enters your dwelling.

The ring is STUNNING. Done in quality sterling silver, crafted into a beautiful rose. Size 6. The crystal rose is beautiful with a singleCRYSTAL rose andsilver crystal stem.

Instructions and the name of your djinn will be emailed to you.

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