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DNA activation ring Kundalini awakening Powerful

DNA activation ring Kundalini awakening Powerful
Item# dna-activation-ring-kundalini-awakening-powerful
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Product Description

Ascension kundalini awakening spiritual kabbalah activate your DNA

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Ring: Solid 925 sterling silver. Gorgeous and top quality!

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Moonstar7spirits is honored to offer this amazing article to you! You will wonder how you ever lived without it once you experience the surging energies contained.

We researched to find the most powerful spells for DNA activation that are available today.

How will this ring help me?

You will experience a higher state of consciousness. This aids in receiving guidance and knowledge that will assist you in rising above daily mental and emotional problems.
You will see the clear purpose of your life. Having purpose is the basis for moving forward.
You will enjoy excellent health.
You will experience a life full of vitality and energy.
Your psychic gifts will be drastically enhanced.
Your DNA will be activated, cleansed and balanced.

You have tremendous potential. Unfortunately most of your DNA is in a dormant state. You are currently using only a tiny portion of your DNA. Unlocking these channels will enable you to truly enjoy and experience life to the fullest.

You are harboring negative energies in your DNA. This can cause problems such as weight gain, relationship problems, lack of money illnesses, lack of motivation, fatigue and addictions.

This article will unblock your full potentials and balance your energy. When this is accomplished, you will see drastic positive changes in your lilfe. Things will fall into place and everything will vibrate with the frequency of ABUNDANCE!

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