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Egyptian Djinn Valley of the Gods ring FREE WITH 100.00 purchase

Egyptian Djinn Valley of the Gods ring FREE WITH 100.00 purchase
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Ring: Natural stone. No two are alike. You will feel the electricity of this powerful class of djinn as soon as you touch your ring!
On the West Bank of the Nile, lies the Valley of the Kings,a limestone valley where tombs were built for the Pharaohs and powerful nobles of the New Kingdom during the 18-21st Dynasties. 
It is within these mysterious tombs that ancient manuscripts were discovered!
These manuscripts hold the hidden key to the
The highly sought after invocation for the most powerful djinn ever summoned!
These are the most extraordinary and POWERFUL Djinn in all the World!
Capable of building the mighty pyramids and granting unlimited wishes!
The ancient Egyptian Djinn helped to build tremendous cities and blessthem with endless wealth, Gold and jewels!
This is an aggressive djinn class! Moonstar7spirits is honored to be the only seller with the priviledge of offeringthese djinn to you!
Moonstar7spirits is a seller you can trust for top level Metaphysical items. We have been selling online since 2006. We are known Worldwide for our Authentic magickals and great customer service. If you haven't tried us, it is time you experience real magick at its best!
These are the Valley of the Kings Djinn
with powers far beyond the scope of the normal djinn. They are from a ruling supreme class.
You will immediately know that these are different from any other djinn you have ever experienced!
They are quick to materialize everything of your desires.
Your life will take on a new meaning the moment this djinn arrives. They hold complete dominance over negativity which is something that other djinn cannot do. They hold complete dominance over djinn from all classes and have the divine authority to call upon any spiritual entity.
They manifest in brilliant smokeless fire and bring vast blessings and abudance to every one they touch!
Brought out of their dormant state, by the Master Genie conjurer


 No otherconjurer even comes close to the mystical powers that are held by this man!
If you have wanted the most powerful DJINN for your collection, or for those of you who have been waiting for the perfect one.....you are at the right place at precisely the right time!
As you connect with the powers of this ancient entity, you will be taken back in time and gifted with premonitions of ancient Egypt. Your senses will be awakened and magickal abilities will be bestowed upon you!
Djinn choose their Masters.
You are not here by chance.

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