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Egyptian Treasures Bracelet

Egyptian Treasures Bracelet
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Product Description

A Moonstar7spirits exclusive! Handcrafted "Egyptian Treasures" leather recharging toggle bracelet! The one shown is 8 inches.


Each charm and bead on this bracelet was triple cast for potency during the correct moon phases!

The beads and charms alone are over 350.00 value not including the Bracelet!

You will get 4 of our Goddess Hathor beauty Beads. These are gorgeous Golden beads with black designs and a hint of glitter for richness. Hathor is the Goddess of Beauty! These beads will make you shine with the allure of this Goddess, making you radiate inner and outer beauty to all. Since you are getting 4 of these beads, look out! (wolf whistle)@@

You will get 4 of our God Horus Beads. Horus is the All seeing. You will be blessed with elevated psychic abilities and the gift of supernatural sight. You will love how alive you feel when you touch these glossy black beads with golden "eyes".

You will get 4 of our God Odin crystal wealth drawing protection beads. These are metal beads with assorted colors (yours may differ from the bracelet shown). They put you in the right place at the right time to accept your treasures and keep you protected at all times.

You get 2 unlock the secret Egyptian tomb charms. These are beautiful crystal heart charms with a keyhole. These charms will reveal hidden truths and important things that you may otherwise overlook. Be prepared as this spell will also expose liars and cheats making their tactics clear to you.

You get 2 Goddess Bastet love and light charms. These are beautiful wine colored charms that help you to see the best in everyone and for others to also see behind the walls you may have built up due to insecurities. This will give way to closer more meaningful relationships. Bastet represents the warm life giving energy of the Sun.

You are also getting the KING tut charm! a 2 piece golden charm sarcophgus with mummy inside! This charm is packed with ancient Egyptian spells for youth, vitality, motivation, creativity and wisdom.

You are also getting a recharging bracelet . You can wear the beads on your own bracelets or chains if you desire. You may even want to share some of them with others! You can also add your own choice of spell beads to the bracelet. It will keep them fully charged and working at better than original powers!