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Free with 200.00 purchase Solomon Army Djinn

Free with 200.00 purchase Solomon Army Djinn
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Product Description

Your Own PERSONAL Djinn

From Solomon's Army

Free with 200.00 purchase. Please add to cart with your purchases.

Limit one.

Introducing an Elite Class of Djinn
Each djinn has endless wish manifestation capabilities and extraordinary powers!
All were summoned and bound by the Master Genie conjurer MAHINDRED SHAMASEE!
Moonstar7spirits was among the first original sellers to bring authentic Djinn to Ebay!
People have realized life changing events and MIRACLES with the help of my djinn!
Each djinn was bound willingly to polished stones.
They came forward to share gifts of the spiritual realm with humans, as by doing so they climb the ranks and become even MORE POWERFUL!
With each wish granted, your djinn will gain even more power!
This power will result in faster and faster wish manifestation!
Each djinn has the capability to call upon an entire army of djinn to assist with any task you give him!
Your djinn will befriend you and grant all your wishes in a way that is most pleasing to you!
Your djinn will provide you with protection and a lifetime of Worldly pleasures!
Please do not delay. I have only limited quantities available..
The stone pendants give off a strong, masculine energy that is unlike any other. The stones are polished to a high gloss and display unique formations that have occurred over millions of years! Each Army Djinn stone is held by a metalcage. It comes with a recharging chain.
You will be emailed full instructions including the name of your personal djinn that will be selected specifically for you!
These are loving and protective spirits that will bring positive influences to your life immediately!

Paypal only. Payment due within 5 days of auction end.

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