Free with 50.00 purchase Djinn of Love and Friendship

Free with 50.00 purchase Djinn of Love and Friendship
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These djinn are from a realm known as the "Djinn of the heart".

Few conjurers are skilled enough to reach this hidden dimension where djinn frolic in pure happiness and worry free bliss. These djinn are known for bringing true happiness to every life they touch. They are of pure and positive nature and perfect for the beginner or advanced collector. They are easy to bond with and to care for, requiring nothing more than the opportunity to make you happy.

They are especially great for those of you who wish to find your soul mate. They also strengthen and add excitement to existing relationships.

Their abilities include making you and everything around you beautiful. You will notice within a short time of owning this ring that many of the things you have considered unsightly will soon begin to change. Your face, hair and body will transform into God or Goddess beauty. You will draw the attention of everyone when you walk into a room as you will have an alluring glowing quality about you.

These djinn are extremely giving. They will draw forth money and luxury so that you may enjoy the finer things in life.

They correct mistakes of the past.

They foresee future events and stop negative outcomes.

They bestow their keepers with advanced psychic abilities which allows a stronger connection with all spirits.

They grant wishes above and beyond your basic requests.

They surround you with positive energies while dispelling dark energies.

They provide protection for you and your family members.


Pendant is beautiful. It is shaped like a genie bottle and has a sparkling pink heart crystal, this is a silver plated pendant and chain. This pendant comes with a chain.


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