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Item# full-life-energy-attune-cleansing-balancing-spell-ritual
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Product Description

Exclusive Life Energy Attunment


AllowMemberof Moonstar7spirits, Clarista Tyvone to perform an Energy Attunement for you.

Ms. Tyvone is a Master Level Healer.

We feel that this service is currently needed by our onlineclients, thus we will offer it for a short time.

This is a multi Level Attunment:

Through a high frequency energy only accessed by few people, she will align and imprint your energy body with specific Reiki, Angels and Symbols. This provides you a permanent energetic upgrade making you a clearer and more powerful channel for spirits and spiritual assistance. During this process she will also release any dark energies that are not in alignment with the pure energies you receive. This will serve toincrease the energetic flow while removing blockages, so that your core reality can emerge.

Archangel Attunement:

This attunement also grounds the energies of four Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel) into yourenergyfield. After receiving this attunement, you will feel more supported and empowered by these beloved Archangels.

Elemental Attunement:

This powerful attunement also includes the imprint of the four elements (Earth, Water, Air and Fire) and their symbols into yourenergyfield, helping you to release blocksandform a deep, lasting connection with the earth. Gaia, Archangels Ariel & Sandalphon, and Goddess Nematona (Goddess of sanctuary ) will bless you with their divinefrequencies.

Accelerated Manifestaion and Blessing Attunment:

This attunement connects you to the angels, masters, guides and other high beings of light who surround you to help you place your "order" with the universe and clear you to energetically align your energies with that which you are trying to attract. The energyin your life will shift to higher frequencies, ensuring the outcomes will unfold as in the highest good of everyone involved.

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