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This is a lovely mini djinn lamp that you can take anywhere. Very powerful class of djinn known as "The dream makers"

Genie Djinn  Lamp unlimited wishes The dream maker
Genie Djinn Lamp unlimited wishes The dream maker
Item# genie-djinn--lamp-unlimited-wishes-the-dream-maker
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 Somnium factorem which translates as "Dream Maker"are a special class of wish granting spirits that have been mentioned in many ancient texts. They have the ability to write your perfect destiny.



You are aware of who you are because you have been searching for a particular djinn for some time. None have seemed quite right until this point. As you look at the vessel that is offered, you feel a strange and exciting stirring from within. This is your primal instincts which have been revived by your chance meeting with this djinn.


They arewithout limitations and controls the elements with the snap of a finger.

From the first day you touch the braceletof the dream maker, your destiny will be on a new course toward total enlightenment, success and happiness.


The dream maker will quickly erase your past mistakes and right all wrongs.

As your djinnconnects with your energies, itwill bring to you the hidden and most coveted, desires of your heart.

Things that you have been afraid to ask for as they seem out of the question and much more than you deserve, will manifest quickly as your destiny begins to unfold.


Theywill not beg or plead. If you feel drawn to this listing, please answer thecall.

They arewillingly bound to beautifullamps as their energies are best utilizedin a larger vessel. You can place this lamp in your home to dispel all negativity and to bring a constant flow of prosperity, good luck and good health to all members of your family. Lamp is small enough to hold in your hand (see picture), so it is easy to transport.


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