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Giddy gorgeous and glamorous spell cast hoop earrings

Giddy gorgeous and glamorous spell cast hoop earrings
Item# giddy-gorgeous-and-glamorous-spell-cast-hoop-earrings
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Product Description

Glistening stainless steel hoop earrings of excellent qualitly with locking closure. These are very small and comfortable! Choose silver or gold tone!

These beautiful earrings were triple spell cast by the full coven of Moonstar7spirits. Cast with spells that will make you feel and look youthful and vibrant. If you feel stuck in a rut, never having FUN, or just plain bored...... these are for you!

Cast with sacred spells to put a kick in your step and a smile to your face! You will feel euphoric, attractive and joyful as the powerful positive energies of these spells mix with yours. Your moods will be elevated, you will feel more alive and tuned in with your surroundings. Others will take notice as well. Your face will glow with vitality, your hair will shine and your body will be WOW!

These are the perfect earrings to chase away the blahs and bring some happiness to your life. Happy people draw happy things!

TRIPLE Cast with spells for: Excitement Happiness Joy Youthfulness Beauty Energy Mood elevation Turn back the clock Positive attraction Healing rejuvenation