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Goddess Hecate Earrings powerful magick

Goddess Hecate Earrings powerful magick
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Product Description

Earrings: Mysterious black onyx set in fine Quality 925 sterling silver.

Goddess Hecate greatly aids and blesses those who seek her wisdom and power

Hecate is the goddess of Magic and Enchantment and the Queen of ALL Witches. There are no magick powers higher than Goddess Hecate. She has access to every magickal spell ever spoken.

Hecate is a guiding Goddess, she will open closed doors in magick and opportunity for you! She will ncrease your psychic powers drastically.

She will bestow you with gifts from the supernatural realms.

Your life will be blessed from this day forward with gifts of magick and divine opportunities. The magick of Goddess Hecate will permeate every aspect of your life as you were chosen by her on this very day!!