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Extremely powerful to manifest your desires and to enhance your psychic abilities quickly.

Goddess Hecate Queen of Witches Amulet of supernatural miracles
Goddess Hecate Queen of Witches Amulet of supernatural miracles
Item# goddess-hecate-queen-of-witches-amulet-of-supernatural-miracles
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Amulet: Gold tone. About the size of a quarter. It comes with a recharging chain which keeps it working at full potential at all times.
Goddess Hecate blesses those who wear this amulet.
Hecate is the Goddess of Magic and Enchantment and the Queen of ALL Witches.
Hecate is a guiding Goddess, she will open closed doorsto magick and supernatural miracles.
As you wear this beautiful Amulet your psychic abilities will drastically strengthen as she activates your naturalgifts and draws out dormant attributes you never knew you had.
The coven of Moonstar7spirits imbued the sacred energies of Goddess Hecate to this amulet. Many spells were also added so that you may enjoy fast and complete results.
You will mark today as the beginning of your enlightened future as Hecate surrounds you with opportunity, wealth and happiness.
You will never look back as she banishes your enemies and puts you on the direct road to success.
You will be protected by a shield of positive energy where no negativity may enter.
Your dreams will become prophetic and your visions will lead you to greatness.

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