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Goddess Lakshmi Miracle Money Tree and Magickal Coins
Goddess Lakshmi Miracle Money Tree and Magickal Coins
Item# goddess-lakshmi-miracle-money-tree-and-magickal-coins
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Product Description



I am honored to present to you a powerful spell cast item that will ROCK your current existence.

You are not here by chance.

Goddess Laksmi has summoned you here at this precise moment in time to share her material blessings!

Do you live paycheck to paycheck?

Always worried about how you are going to make ends meet?

See things you want but can never find extra money to get them?

Wonder how others are able to enjoy the good life while you struggle?

Want to be able to live comfortably and help others in need? 



The Treasures, wealth and blessings of Goddess Lakshmi never run out. She has PLENTY to give. She is so loving and generous to those who respect her powers. By wearing this talisman, you are showing her that you do believe in her powers and you accept her gifts of wealth in every form.

She is never lacking in money and she wants you to have it!

She brings power when you feel weak

She bestows healing when you are sick

She delivers divine knowledge when you need it most!


This beautiful treewas blessed and consecrated for wealth and abundance a total of 12 times. The spirit of Goddess Lakshmi was invoked to draw money directly into the hands of the person owning it. In addition, you will receive 4 magick money coins. You can wear all 4 on a cord or chain (not included) for a powerful boost of luck and money, or you can share the coins with family or friends. The money coins should be placed on the money tree at least once a month to renew and recharge.

Do not delay your purchase if you lack money.....Goddess Lakshmi has heard your prayers and wants to bless you!

You will receivethis beautifulmoney tree and 4 magick coins.

The Tree is small in size measuring about 6 inches tall and has beautiful jade green stones.

Limited items available.



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