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Haunted one wish a day Genie djinn lamp earrings

Haunted  one wish a day Genie djinn lamp earrings
Item# haunted--one-wish-a-day-genie-djinn-lamp-earrings
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Moonstar7spirits Exclusive Offering


No bonding with a djinn.

No Rituals to perform.

Can be used by anyone.

Why is this a good idea?

If you have ever wanted a djinn without the commitment of caring for one, this is the perfect alternative.

Simply rub the little lamps and make your wish. Wish carefully because you only get one per day.

Your wish will be retrieved by a top level, unbound djinn who will manifest your desires quickly.

What's in it for the djinn? 

Djinn move up in rank each time they successfully grant a wish. They are eager to move up, as it allows them more powers.

Is this dangerous?

No. But, we advise that you do not use your wishes to harm others or seek revenge. Karma is still in effect when you make a wish.

Can someone else use the earrings to make a wish?

No. The earringscan belong to only one person.


What if I lose only one of the Earrings, can I still wish?

No. Both earrings are required to make a wish. If you do not like to wear earrings, you may choose to put both earrings on a chain and wear like a necklace.


Do the Wishes Ever Run Out?

No. As long as you have both earrings, the wishes never run out.

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