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I am pleased to offer this beautiful Kit which was created by top conjurer Mahindred Shamasee.


Each Kit comes with a top level Angel/djinn, a vibrational energy bead and a recharging box.

The Angel/djinn hybrid are found in the highest ranking classes of the Royal phylum and exhibit the characteristics of both Angels and djinn.

These beautiful spirits of light automatically raise your vibrational energies which in turn draws forth powerful blessings and healing in all areas of your life.

They are also unlimited wish granting entities that will bring all of your desires quickly within reach.

The Vibrational Energy Bead will immediately raise your energy frequency. It cleanses your aura and normalizes all of your bodily systems. It helps you to connect with positive spirits.

The recharging box is so beautiful. It keeps your Angel/Djinn and vibrational energy bead recharged and working at full potential at all times. It can also be used for your other magickals whether from me or another seller.

Why are High Energy Frequencies so important?

High energy frequencies promote peace, calmness, love and harmony.

When your energy resonates at a high energy frequency, you draw goodfortune, good luck, good health, wealth and strong relationships.

Low energy frequencies are considered negative and include fear, anger, rage, powerlessness and vulnerability. Angels resonate with high energy frequencies.

Resonating at a low energy frequency causes illness, instability in your relationships, lack of money, lack of opportunity.

Demonic spirits resonate with low energy frequencies.


You will receive a stainless steel ring similar tothe one pictured. They have shimmering tiles all the way around. The colors of these rings vary, so you may get one that is different in color. Each ring has a different Angel/djinn attached. You may receive a male or female.

The Vibrational energy bead is beautiful pink in color like shown.

The recharging box is high quality and has a lovely floral top with a mother of pearl finish. Inside the box is 2 compartments to accommodateyour ring and bead.

Instructions including the name of your djinn will be emailed to you.

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