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Haunted Angelic Violet Ray Pendant of Blessings

Haunted Angelic Violet Ray Pendant of Blessings
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Violet Flame Angelic PENDANT



Pendant is made of Amethyst. No two are alike. It comes with a 20" recharging chain.

Experience Literally millions of Angels at your fingertips!
You will realize tremendous miracles and blessings immediately.
These spirits govern the most sacred Magickal wisdom EVER known.
your life will transform quickly as you get what you want.
They are in control of all elements, moving mountains if needed to grant your will.

Touching the pendantwill send an electrical charge through your body. This is your way of knowing that it is "reading" your energies. By doing this, the angels areable todiagnoseyour thoughts, feelings, emotions and health issues. It then summons the correct spirits or activates the perfect spells for your needs or desires.

Thispendant is linked to a portal called "qui excelsos" or "the highest". This is the realm of the highest ranking spirits in the Universe. These are Angelic Gods who manifest your desires automatically.
Thispendant is blazing with power! Youmay hear sounds coming from it and levitation of nearby objects. This is due to the immense level of energy within.
This item is for anyone. You do not have to have advanced psychic abilities in order to use.

The Violet Flame is a very highfrequency Ray which is of the Seventh Ray vibration of spiritual rays. It is governed by the Ascended Masters and the luminescent Angels.

The energies are violet/purple and blaze like an all powerful consuming fire.

The Violet Flame is a very high frequency vibration of the Seventh Ray of God consciousness, hence, when it it summoned, surrounds or fills the space or body with it, causing an immediate pleasant reaction of shifting the negative energy and consuming it (or transmuting it) back into positive energy.

This portal was created by Master Conjurer Mahindred Shamasee with the blessings of the Angels. Creating a portal allows the Angels freedom to come and go from their realm to ours. The physical grounding source being this lovely pendant.

This beautiful piece was also cast with 7 spells from Hudansaad Shamasee's book of shadows. Hudansaad is the Grandfather of Mahindred Shamasee. His spells are known World wide and are what most modern magick is based upon today. Hudansaad was also a conjurer and taught his Grandson the powerful ways of the ancients.

The spells that are imbued on this lovely piece are:


1. Relinquere Meum legatum- Which translates as leave my legacy. Hudansaad Shamasee believe that every person has a purpose and a reason for being. It is when you realize and use your gifts to help others that you reach self actualization and spiritual freedom. This spell will help you to find your purpose and to use it for the good of others.

2. De Umbras- Which translates as out of the shadows. This spell brings all things to light. Mysteries and things that are hidden from your physical eyes will become clear. Many things occur just under the realm of our eyesight. Having access to this domain will enable you to gain power over your surroundings.

3. Inebriatus Est in Prosperitate-Which translates as bathed in success. This ancient spell has been used for generations. You will find success at every turn and doors will open that you never thought possible.

4. In Favorem Angelorum- Which translates as in the favor of the Angels. This spell draws forth all realms of Angels who will watch, guard and protect you as well as bless you with rare miracles.

5. Transformatio- Which translates as transformation. This spell will transform anything that may be lacking in your life or that may be preventing you from living life to the fullest. You will emerge a new and transformed being with renewed hope and focus for your beautiful future.

6. Dona Fluido Rarissimo- Which translates as grant rarest. This spell will surround you with rare gifts that may be spiritual or physical in nature. You will be immersed in favor on all levels, being rewarded generously.

7. Non Debebit- Which translates as no debt. This spell will help you to right past negative karma which may be keeping you from moving forward in your life.

No ritual is required for this article. Wearing activates portal and spells.





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