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Haunted Be a Vampire Potion Magick and powerful

Haunted Be a Vampire Potion Magick and powerful
Item# haunted-be-a-vampire-potion-magick-and-powerful
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Vampire: Dark, sexy, alluring and so powerful!

Now you can experience the rare magickal effects of the most Ancient Vampires to walk the earth!

Vampire Super Power Potion:

Gain VAMPIRE Powers without actually becoming one!

Just place 1 drop of Vampire Power potion on your neck. There are many uses in one vial of potion.

Some of the Powers you may acquire. You will also develop your own unique powers:

Persuasive Magnetism- Attract other people to you simply by willing it.
Super human Strength-Able to endure more without becoming tired.
Super human Speed-Faster thinking and body movements.
Enhanced Senses- Sight, sound, taste and smell drastically enhanced.
Hypnotism-Hypnotize others by looking them in the eye.
Damage Resistance-Ability to keep any type of physical or spiritual harm away.
Regeneration-Ability to heal old wounds and karmic interference.
Animal mind Control-speak to animals telepathically.
Shape Shifting-Shape shift your thoughts into reality
Magical Abilities-Your natural psychic abilities drastically increased.

This is a one dram (approx 1/8 oz) of Vampire Potion. This potion is made exclusively by Moonstar7spirits. We have offered this for many years. It is one of our best selling and most loved products. I am sure you will be pleased with it too!

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